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Cigarette Cases – and Many More

By January 20, 2017Cigarette

To any smoker, a cigarette case is such a welcome treat. For the most part, cigarette cases are great inventions of storing a small number of sticks of cigarettes — or a whole pack of them – and of keeping them safe from crushing. Well, this is the whole essence of this type of accessory. This is precisely the reason why cigarette cases came into the face of the modern world.

But did you know that these small boxes of metal actually have other uses? Let’s explore them.

As Fashionable accessories

In the smoking culture, cigarette cases are a fashion statement. This is despite the fact that most of them are made from aluminum or plastic, or are chrome-plated. If you’re not a smoker, then you might not know that some cigarette cases are actually adorned with intricate engravings, artistic monograms, or even precious metals.

As Collectible Items

Some cigarette cases are expensive and unique enough to fall under the category of collector’s items. Peter Carl Faberge (the famous maker of the highly expensive jewelled eggs known as Faberge eggs), for instance, made extravagant gold cigarette cases for the Czars, some of which amount to more than USD25,000! Among the famous personalities who owns some of these exquisite items is author Danielle Steel.

As a Way of Getting Rid of Warnings

Every cigarette pack today typically includes a warning regarding smoking (e.g. Smoking is dangerous to your health, Smoking kills, or Smokers die younger). If you are someone who constantly faces a cigarette pack, then you might have gotten bored, or worse irritated, by this warning that somehow screams at you.

Cigarette cases will do a great job of concealing these warnings. Get the ones adorned with beads or precious jewels. Getting the “plain” ones (e.g. chrome-plated, silver-plated, gold-plated) will also do the trick. Better yet, look for cigarette cases that are engraved with funny or provocative quotes such as “Bite Me,” and “Smoking is my choice so….. F*ck Off.” Or, if you are a cartoon character fan, then look for cigarette cases that feature Tom and Jerry, or Ben 10 perhaps.


If you think is all that cigarette cases can do, you’re gravely mistaken. It seems unbelievable but some soldiers have actually claimed that these pieces of metals have saved their lives. Would you believe that?

Yes, among these soldiers is James Doohan, now a voice actor. When he was in the military service, a bullet hit his chest. Thankfully, this was “stopped” by a cigarette case (a silver one). Now who says that cigarettes and cigarette cases are all about making your life short-lived?

Because these accessories are compact and small enough, they can also be used to disguise some things. Think James Bond or Chuck Bartowsky and their seemingly harmless gadgets.

You see, cigarette cases do not only exist to store those “sinful” sticks. They are multi-faceted. They can be an accessory to adorn your ensemble or to support your lifestyle. They can also act as a precious item sought after by aficionados. Of course, regardless of how rare the case is, these metal accessories also have the capacity to save lives – and they have!

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