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All About The E Cigarette

By February 17, 2017Cigarette

The e cigarette is an electronic cigarette that is tar free and odorless. This unique cigarette is also free of carbon monoxide and is supposed to be an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. These cigarettes do produce a vapor that is similar to the smoke of a regular cigarette. And according to those that smoke these electronic cigarettes, they offer a similar satisfaction to that of tobacco cigarettes.

The fact that they are odorless, gives smokers a lot of flexibility as to where they can smoke an electronic cigarette. They are not as limited as those smokers that smoke regular cigarettes. The electronic cigarette is relatively new on the market and they are being sold in various countries around the world. They come in a number of different styles and some of the features vary on the different models.

The electronic cigarettes are also called personal vaporizers. They are battery operated electronic cigarettes that can be inhaled and exhaled like a regular cigarette. This unique cigarette alternative gives smokers the opportunity to smoke without using tobacco. And others around them do not experience the smoke of regular cigarettes since absolutely no smoke comes from the device.

They are available in a number of different sizes and colors. They will range in price depending on the type of model you get. The body of the electronic cigarettes resemble ball point pens. Many of the models are made with refillable parts. They also come in a disposable model as well.

Consumers can purchase electronic cigarettes at a number of online websites. They are also available in smoke shops in several different countries. There are different models that have their own special features. But the basic automatic model is equipped with a sensor that can detect when the smoker inhales. It also has a heating device that simulates a real cigarette. The heat activates the vapor that emits from the tube of the electronic cigarette to simulate smoke. But this vapor is odorless. Manual models differ from the automatic models in that they have a button that activates the heating device.

The electronic cigarettes even light up at the end of the tube, simulating the burning tip of a regular cigarette. The manual models are equipped with an small LED on the tip of the tube that lights up. The light is available in different colors. The design of the various electronic cigarettes vary but the basic construction is the same. All model run on a rechargeable battery. And they all are constructed with a tube-like shape with a basic mouthpiece.

Electronic cigarettes do have nicotine solutions that you can buy to add to the device. These solutions are sold in cartridges that can be refilled by buying more. The nicotine solutions come in flavors that mimic other cigarette brands. They also come in other very interesting flavors. Some are even fruit flavored. These are very unique cigarette alternatives that have features smokers do not experience with a regular cigarette.

The e cigarette is a new smokeless cigarette device that is gaining in popularity. It is available on the internet and many specialty cigarette shops. They do not use tobacco, however, nicotine solution is available. Many smokers find the electronic cigarette a fun alternative to regular cigarettes. For first time buyers, they should do some research and see all of the different types of e cigarettes that are available before selecting a model.

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