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Cheap Percolator Bongs or Sophisticated Glass Bongs – A Guide for Buyers

By July 7, 2017Cheap Smoking Bongs
cheap smoking bongs

Are you looking for buying a real bong? Well, let it be straight, to ensure good quality product, you need to do some research over various kinds of available products. If you are new to the world of herb smoking through bongs, then it is important for you to know about different types of bongs. Smoking with bong is far better than smoking cigarettes. It is indeed a healthier choice and further, it does not cause air pollution like cigarettes. If you are a passionate smoker, then switching to something new always brings good charm or new vibes of happiness.

Different Types of Bongs

Commonly, at the marketplace, you will find sophisticated glass-made bongs and Cheap Percolator Bongs. Well, apart from these two options, several other kinds of bongs are there. Glass bongs come in different sizes and shapes. Mostly small glass bongs are preferred by the buyers as they look classy and come in affordable prices. Bing bongs are elegant though the problem with then is that they are too sophisticated. If you mishandle them by any chances, they will be broken. So, it is a better choice to opt for the glass bongs, which are cost effective as well.

Plastic Bongs

Plastic bongs have become quite famous these days. Most of the buyers are now going for them due to primarily one reasons and that is the durability. These bongs are protected from thrust and thus do not get damages easily. If you choose higher-end acrylic based plastic bongs, you will find them to be translucent. Though, they are translucent, they do not give the feel of the glass made bongs. You will surely miss that vintage charm or class with the plastic ones. Plastic Oil Bongs are also available these days in the marketplace and they are also likely to become popular for the affordability and durability.

Ceramic Bongs

Ceramic bongs are smaller than other types of bongs, especially smaller than glass bongs. Since smaller ones are quite heavy, larger ones would get heavier. This is why ceramic bongs are mostly small in terms of size. But, the antique finish of these bongs looks quite amazing. It is easy dabbing marijuana or tobacco inside the ceramic bongs. The best part about the ceramic bongs is that they look cute, can be a perfect addition to your modern home interior décor. Cleaning and handling ceramic bongs is a little daunting. You have to be very careful while handling them.

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