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Atmosrx Dry Herb Kit

Using Atmos Raw Rx to Combust Dry Herb Effectively (Atmos / Ago G5/ eGo Vape Pen Tutorial)

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http://vapevetstore.com/products/atmos-rx-dry-herb-and-wax-vaporizer-pen-3x-glass-screens Guide to using dry #herbs with your #Atmos or AGO G5 #vaporizer pens. Check out my store for discounts on vaporizers. http://www.VapeVetStore.com http://www.Facebook.com/VapeVet http://www.Twitter.com/TheVapeVet http://vapevetstore.com/products/atmos-rx-dry-herb-and-wax-vaporizer-pen-3x-glass-screens The #Atmos Raw is a popular portable #vaporizer pen, but find out if it…

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