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World’s First Marijuana Overdose?

By February 15, 2017Cannabis Overdose Death

A few days ago, a woman died from a heart attack apparently triggered by a marijuana overdose. However, a lot of doctors are saying that’s it’s not possible to die from smoking weed in such small quantities. Laci was a bit suspicious of this tabloid headline and decided to do some of her own research to investigate whether or not it’s possible to die from a marijuana overdose.

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The Toxicity of Recreational Drugs
“The Shuar tribes in Ecuador have for centuries used native plants to induce religious intoxications and to discipline recalcitrant children.”

Deadly Marijuana? Doctors Weigh In On British Woman Who Supposedly Overdosed On Cannabis
“News that Gemma Moss, of Bournemouth, England, died after smoking a joint and the local coroner reportedly declared the cause of death ‘cannabis toxicity’ taveled quickly in British tabloids. But doctors and marijuana-experts say that the thought of someone overdosing on pot is ridiculous and virtually impossible.”

What Can We Actually Learn From The UK’s First Marijuana ‘Overdose’?
“Gemma Moss recently became the first woman in Britain “ruled to have been poisoned to death by smoking cannabis,” her sudden death referred to by tabloids as ‘the tragic proof that cannabis can kill.'”

The Tragic Proof That Cannabis Can Kill: Mother Dies From Poisoning After Smoking Drug
“A mother of three has become the first woman in Britain ruled to have been poisoned to death by smoking cannabis.”

Death by Cannabis?
“Today, the front page headline on the Metro newspaper read ‘The tragic proof that cannabis can kill.'”

Hurd Laboratory

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