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How to use CBD (Cannabis, Hemp) Oil and Vape

By January 14, 2017Cannabis Oil Effects

On this video I show you how to use CBD oil in EDIBLE AND VAPE (ejuice) form. I use mine for anxiety, depression, PTSD and to help me sleep but it has many uses (such as helping with seizures an anti-inflammatory and more.) I also briefly document the effects.

Luckily, CBD is legal in all fifty states and although it can be pricey I believe it to be a good, natural alternative for anxiety and depression without the high and psychoactive properties that come with the consumption of THC although it is l, of course, derived from marijuana aka hemp. Thanks for watching and please subscribe!

Update: Just to clarify the brand I’m using is Green Garden. I looked it up and there website (below) says they produce their product in both the UK and the US at different stages. Also, the CBD oil knocked me out! I slept so deeply. It was fantastic. FYI this of course is not just for sleep, I’ve been using the vape occasionally when I feel stressed. I also found out the brand does produce a 1,000 milligram oil (which I believe is the max legal limit.) I’m going to see if I can get my hands on that too.

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