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Cannabidiol Oil: The Medical & Fitness Benefits of Cannabis- Thomas DeLauer

By June 7, 2017Cannabis Oil Effects

Cannabidiol Oil: The Medical & Fitness Benefits of Cannabis- Thomas DeLauer:

Marijuana, or cannabis, contains two active components – THC and CBD (cannabidiol) THC is the component that give marijuana the typical psychoactive effect – ie the mental feeling of being high. CBD is not psychoactive, but still contains many medicinal benefits. CBD can be harvested directly from cannabis flowers or indirectly from hemp, a cousin of cannabis, from the flowers and leaves that are mixed in with the stalks during the processing for hemp fiber. CBD from hemp is largely cultivated in Europe, but is now starting to be harvested here in the US as well, for example in CO where recreational cannabis is legal. Because CBD can come from different types of hemp or medical marijuana plants, the legality can be a bit convoluted and varies from state to state. The Agricultural Act of 2014 set a limit of 0.3% THC to be the federal legal limit. Some hemp falls under this and some above it. If it is over 0.3% it cannot be shipped over state lines and is only legal in states that allow recreational marijuana. If you get CBD from hemp there will be negligible quantities of THC, but that from cannabis can vary from much less THC to equal amounts THC.

Benefits of CBD Oil-
Many states have passed laws allowing CBD oil with minimal THC levels for seizure and epilepsy treatment. As of March 2016, 16 states had laws on book allowing CBD oil for these purposes. As scientific research has been severely constrained when it comes to drugs such as marijuana, the exact molecular mechanisms of CBD are not fully understood. It produces different effects through molecular pathways, sometimes binding to receptors and enzyme inhibition. The majority of research has been done through petri dishes and animal studies as testing on humans can be difficult legally
Therapeutic benefits are vast and may include:
-Anti-depressant effects
-Decreased cancer cell proliferation
-Diabetes help
-May help Alzheimer’s patients and schizophrenics
-Irritable bowel syndrome

The list continues – the promising therapeutic benefits reach far and wide. It will be exciting to see the studies that continue to come out as testing and legality increase in the US. It is legal to purchase the CBD oil from Europe that contains less than .3% THC. You can find this by searching Google.


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