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Benefits of Charlotte’s Web Oil

By November 6, 2016Cannabis Oil Effects

Benefits of Charlotte’s Web Oil

For centuries, natural remedies have been used to treat and even cure ailments. The study of homeopathic treatments and natural medicine have become increasingly popular. One of the newest and promising natural treatments on the market today is Charlotte’s Web Oil. It has several benefits that are life altering for some patients.

Charlotte’s Web Oil is named after a young girl whose life was changed after she began taking the oil to reduce her epileptic seizures. Three month old Charlotte started suffering from grand mal seizures and they progressively got worse. There was seemingly no relief and her doctors suggested she be put in a medically induced coma to rest her seizure savaged body. After doing some research, her family discovered that there was a type of marijuana that was being grown that was low in THC (the psychoactive property)and high in CBD (the medically valuable property). There was some evidence that oil derived from this strain was helpful in reducing ailments, particularly seizures. After starting on the oil, Charlotte’s seizures have now been reduced to only 2-3 per month. The oil was named after her and inspires people to learn about her story and the relief she experiences.

Relief from seizures is not the only ailment that can be treated with Charlotte’s Web Oil. Pains, nausea, cramping, skin issues, PTSD and even cancer symptoms can be treated with cannabis oil. People who living with these types of illnesses and chronic issues should be aware of the uses for this natural treatment. The hemp oil is infused in coconut oil so that is easy to ingest. The oil comes in capsule or dropper bottles.

Stories of the benefits and relief provided by Charotte’s Web Oil have traveled the world. It is in high demand and the list of success stories continues to grow. The oil comes in several flavors and sizes. Research continues to see results for various medical conditions that are improved by the use of this oil. The side effects of traditional medications are often devastating. Natural remedies often lessen the chance of having negative reactions when used correctly.

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