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What is known of Spice and the Dune Connection

By June 20, 2017Cannabis Culture
cannabis culture

Herbal Spice Smoking in fact does share a lot of commonalities with its science fiction cousin. Both are spices to get high. Certain relatives of spice smoke (marijuana) are in high demand by the people but unattainable because of draconian legal measures. Spice herbal incense (Spice Legal Drug) is made from a blend of highly purified and valuable substances, many of which are indeed psychoactive just like the spice of Frank Herbert’s creation. And many who have tried herbal spice would say that it does indeed increase your overall life satisfaction and happiness.

But there the parallels between herbal spice blend smoking and science fiction end, because the real spice is a smoking alternative that is available for anyone who wants to buy some. The spice of Dune, on the other hand, required underground mining and fighting giant worms (yuck!). Good thing Mr. Herbert is not in charge of spice herbal alternatives to smoking. Although you might have to endure some seedy-looking smoke shops and leering eyes of the owners, you can rest assured that no giant worms will suddenly careen out the ground attempting to eat you on your way to purchase spice smoke.

In fact, you don’t even have to leave the house to buy some herbal spice. You can sit right here at your computer, order it online with your credit card (you must be 18 or over), and it will arrive in your mailbox in 3-5 business days. Spice smoking sites will help you decide which herbal spice vendor is right for you, or you can even read a few reviews and decide for yourself. You can choose from any of the hundreds of varieties herbal spice, including flavors like blueberry, strawberry, and mango. Or you can try one of the extracts or solid smoke varieties. See, we told you that the real thing was even better than the sci-fi version!
Some history
Smoking spice herbal smokes is just the latest evolutionary step in a smoking history that includes every major culture and era of human history. Although there are no records, it’s likely that even the ancient caveman was smoking something on his day off, in between chasing woolly mammoths and trying not to get killed by other tribesman. Ancient Egypt shows plenty of evidence of smoking using hookah pipes, and that may very well have been something that was not tobacco, but rather more cannabis-like in nature.

About the time the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, the first cash crop of tobacco was being successfully raised and sold in Virginia. It wasn’t long after that that tobacco smoking had infiltrated every country and culture had adopted smoking as part of its rituals and traditions, often in spite of the attempts to extinguish it on the part of authorities. Not until the advent of Nazi Germany several hundred years later and the rise of Adolf Hitler would authorities be successful at turning the tide of public opinion against the practice of smoking.

But tobacco wasn’t only thing being smoked back then. The opium dens in places like New York and London were well publicized in novels and newspapers. Spread mostly by Chinese immigrants, the practice of smoking opium became very popular among artsy neighborhoods. Although these venues decreased rapidly in popularity after World War I, they showed the attraction that smoking held for many people.

Nor was opium the only thing people were putting in their pipes and smoking. Cannabis has been intricately involved with the spiritual life and meditation of seekers for a long time, and in almost every civilization as well: Chinese, African, European, Indian, and probably even Native American. All of these societies featured shamans (or their equivalent) whose job it was to shepherd the person experiencing the effects of the drug. Then suddenly in the 1930’s, there swept across the U.S. a wave of Prohibition, and cannabis was banished.