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Marijuana in Canada

By March 26, 2017Cannabis Culture
cannabis culture

Marijuana in Canada is generally accepted and tolerated, it is still a crime to possess, and grow marijuana. Canadian officials do not believe that marijuana poses a serious threat to society, so they have tolerated the use of marijuana among private citizens. This is different from many other industrialized nations.

Marijuana has become an agricultural staple in Canada, most notoriously British Columbia. British Columbia is the Mecca of marijuana and the marijuana related industry. It is estimated that there are’,000 grow houses in British Columbia alone, British also has its own brand of marijuana called “B.C. bud” which is very potent, and internationally recognized.

The laws concerning marijuana in Canada are much more relaxed than they are in Canada’s southern neighbor The United States, the penalties for possession, distribution, and supplying are not as harsh and the private consumption of marijuana is generally tolerated in Canada.

Marijuana in Canada has also created its own subculture with cannabis clubs, and even a political party. A popular magazine called cannabis culture was founded and headquartered in Vancouver, it was started by one of Canada’s most vocal and famous pot smokers Marc Emery who is otherwise known as the “Prince of pot.”

Marijuana smoking in Canada is not only tolerated by law enforcement, but it is also tolerated among citizens who do not partake in marijuana. People are free to smoke in public without any hassle from the police to a certain degree, there is even a holiday of sorts called Cannabis Day where people meet in an open field with live music, people are free to smoke and distribute marijuana. Law enforcement is generally there to do what they are supposed to do; keep the peace. The festival is usually a peaceful event where people enjoy marijuana and music without the fear of prosecution.

The reason that Canada is much more accepting of marijuana because Canadian officials do not see any harm done by the use of marijuana. In contrast they see it as a benefit medically for those who are ill, in 2001 Canada allowed the medical use of marijuana and have given licenses to people who wish to grow for the government to distribute to those in need.

Canada is one of those industrialized countries which is seen as a peaceful nation in the international community. Their laws and the way they do things may not always be in agreement with other countries, but the fact remains that when it comes to marijuana, Canada is one of the world leaders in marijuana legislation. They understand that marijuana should not be seen as “the devil weed” and marijuana should be studied and utilized to its fullest benefit, whether it is simply a recreational vice or a treatment for something more serious.

Marijuana in Canada has become the biggest cash crop, bigger than wheat, corn, even cattle. This is because with it still considered illegal it drives the prices up, and people are willing to pay top dollar for plant that can simultaneously relax someone and get them in trouble with the law. Marijuana use has encompassed human history, with it being used as a cure for almost every ailment that was known during the time it was first smoked. Canada has learned from marijuana’s historical use and have taken the necessary steps to make sure that this controversial plant is available to all.

Today Canada is still known for its other agricultural commodities, but it is marijuana that is making the biggest economic contribution with over $ 10 billion being made annually by the marijuana industry in British Columbia alone. Marijuana is popular because it is seen to be relatively safe for the user with no adverse side effects, the side effects associated with marijuana are positive.

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