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How THC Contributes In Cancer Killing?

By December 21, 2016Cancer Thc

Everybody must be aware of the fact that our body is made up of trillions of cells that are continuously replicating and dividing themselves. Old cells die and new ones develop. But when we talk about cancer cells, then the scenario is bit different. These cells do not die naturally but keep on growing and dividing. The biggest challenge in front of the researchers is to find a way to selectively kill cancer cells without affecting healthy cells. Medical science has failed so far in making this possible, but nature has provided us with so many things that can accomplish it. One among them is THC, which is an active component of cannabis sativa-marijuana.

THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol which is believed to be the most active chemical, also known as, cannabinoids that is present in all the plants belonging to cannabis family, but abundance in the species cannabis sativa. It is the ingredient that generates high marijuana. It is true that cannabis is used to treat thousands of illness throughout the world. But with the passing of Marijuana Act in 1937, it immediately became unavailable to both healing professionals and general public. When this act was passed, many medical schools in the United States finished the study of all kinds of plant based medicines in the promotion and application of laboratory produced and synthetic drugs.

Even special teams were conducted by National Institute of Health to study the effect of THC and find out the evidences against the THC that it really affects the immune system. The shocking fact was that the researchers failed in their appointed task, but discovered the surprising fact that THC shriveled tumors in the laboratory mice. Later, study was made on mice to find out how THC fulfilled the task of killing cancer cells without damaging other body cells. It was done by two means:

* THC inhibits angiogenesis or the new blood cells formation in tumors. Cancer, which is the example of solid tumor, needs a continuous blood supply to grow without any restriction. When blood supply is stopped THC triggers anti-angiogenesis effects resulting in the death of cancer cells.

* THC also promotes death of cancer cell through the process known as autophagy. It actually means self eat. Instead of replicating and dividing, the cancer cells go through the procedure of virtual self digestion and reprocessing into nontoxic waste matter.

All these researches had shown the significance of THC as a result of which the use of THC has been made legal in many countries. THC Boulder is quite famous as the dispensaries or online dealers selling THC there have proper license of offering different marijuana based products. Getting them from these stores is quite easy as they will make it reach at your place. Several such stores holding the legal license of selling marijuana or marijuana based products are there. You just need to find the suitable company from which you can get this chemical. Make sure their prices are genuine. Be a real fighter in cancer as there is still a hope in the form of THC.