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Steps to make Cannabis oils Used For healing cancer tumors (SEE MOST at cureyourowncancer.org)

steps to make Cannabis oils Used For Treating Cancer (SEE EVEN MORE at cureyourowncancer.org)

This video will highlight how-to build cannabis oil from 37.9 grms of cannabis. Anywhere near this much cannabis created 5 grms of oils. To obtain the complete written guidance go to cureyourowncancer.org! Be sure to tell video and everyone else!

Direction in making Cannabis Oils

Starting product:
To create the entire sixty gram treatment of oils, might should work with tha lb or more of high grade cannabis as well as two gallons of solvent. This videos demonstrates how to really make the oil with best 37.9 grms of cannabis that created 5 grms of cannabis oil! I would recommend using ninety-ninepercent Isopropyl liquor or even naphtha as your solvent! You may want to incorporate as low as 1 ounce of cannabis to create their oils! 1 ounce of high-quality cannabis bud will most likely create 3-4 grams of oil. The actual quantity of oils created per ounce of cannabis vary from strain to stress, but it all has the amazing curing power!


1. position the completely bone-dry beginning cannabis material in the container big enough to put on all your valuable product.

2. Dampen the material using solvent you might be utilizing! Numerous solvents can be utilized! I love to make use of pure naphtha but you can incorporate ninety-nine% isopropyl liquor, which you are able to find in the local pharmacies. Liquor absorbs additional chlorophyll through the plant product than naphtha do! Thus giving essential oils made with alcohol a darker shade however cannot take away through the strength of the oils to any obvious level! In the event that procedure is completed properly, small at no solvent residue try left inside oil. You’ll need about two gallons of solvent to remove the THC off one pound of dry beginning material!

3. Crush the plant material. Even though the beginning product has been dampened because of the solvent, you will find that the materials is easily smashed!

four. Add solvent before starting information is totally covered.
Crush and also run the plant product. As you are achieving this, the THC dissolves off the plant materials to the solvent.

5. keep on with this techniques for two to three mins.

6. Pour the solvent-oil combine off the plant product in to an additional container! You have got simply stripped the plant material of about 70percent of their THC!

7. Second wash : once more put solvent into plant materials and efforts it for another two to three moments to get the other countries in the leftover THC completely.

8. Pour this solvent-oil mix in to the bucket containing 1st mix that was poured off formerly.

9. Discard the washed plant material!

ten. Pour the solvent-oil blend through tha coffee filter in to on a clean container to strain on any kind of leftover plant information.

11. Boil the solvent off! The rice cooker does this boil off really nicely. Never ever use the oils over 290 levels Fahrenheit mainly because doing this can cause the cannabinoids to vaporize off!



twelve. Add solvent-oil combine towards rice cooker until its about ¾ complete! SEE PHOTOS
Be sure you come in a tremendously well ventilated room plus set-up an admirer to carry the fumes away. The fumes are particularly flammable. Make sure to avoid red-hot elements, sparks, cigarettes an such like. that could ignite the fumes. Never inhale the fumes.

13. connect the rice cooker in as well as set it on high heat!

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