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By February 20, 2018Can You Vape Water

Super Contrails as the 767 flies through cloud…
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I’m in FZ40 silhouette mode, taking pictures of a Spitfire performer for Seafair parked at KBFI as part of the Seafair Backstage Pass, and then this jetliner flies over. I’m hoping a Facebook friend is flying one of ’em and not at the writer’s conference she was.

So the jetliner is coming. What makes FZ40 silhouette mode work is that the colors are dampened to bring out shapes as you can see. Had to therefore do some serious research to figure out this was a Delta by lightening some of the pictures to make new ones as per 1st comment. Figured out it was Delta. Knew the jet was heading to KSEA/Sea-Tac. So dug through FlightAware records and also pics of the jet versus ones of a 737 versus a 767 since Delta had one of each come into land around same time. 100% confident this was DAL2139, a Boeing 767-300 out of Hartsfield-Jackson Intl/KATL/Atlanta. Amazing stuff, especially this picture.

One thing to note as the lift cools the air to a point clouds form: The 767 also was slowing down from 440 knots cruising speed to 148 knots touchdown speed. Just as a Hornet or Super Hornet yanking & banking creates "vapes", so too can a 767 by dramatically cutting air pressure with flaps extended (now obviously, the flaps weren’t extended at 440 knots, I’m not sure what speed but I’d guess around 200-225 knots) to create extra lift for that nice, soft landing for the passengers.

Original size if you desire. Very proud of this capture, if I may say so.

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