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Best Features To Look For When Buying Herbal Vaporizers

By June 10, 2017Buy Herbal Vaporizer

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The best features you should look for when buying an herbal vaporizer are:

1. Ask yourself when and how you would want to use it.
For most people, we would recommend a portable vaporizer. Desktop vaporizers are great for people wanting to vape at home but it does generally come with a hefty price tag. Portable vaporizers are great for home use and vaping discreetly while in public.

2. You have to consider the size – it matters!
This is definitely a matter you’ll want to think about. The larger the vaporizer, the harder it’ll be to hide it in public or carry it around with you on the go. While on the contrary, some of the smallest vaporizers out there tend to get very hot while in use and it maybe a little comfortable to hold while in hotter temperatures.

3. Know the features of the vaporizer you want.
Some features you want to look for are temperature controls, app interface and heat up times. Perhaps one of our most preferred features of any device we buy is precise controls. This will allow you to control your temperature to the exact degree, giving you the precision needed to control your high.

4. Think of the battery life.
Battery is another big concern when discussing portable vaporizers. Removable batteries offering easy and affordable way to give the vaporize longer usage times while on the go. Devices with generic 18650 batteries are ideal because you can buy them at any smoke shops and you don’t have to pay for proprietary batteries that generally costs more.

5. Look into the materials used for a herbal vaporizer.
You have to vigilant about this especially for the materials used for the air path. The best tasting and most desirable materials used in a vaporizer are typically glass and ceramics. Often times, plastics and metals can introduced an unwanted flavor while you’re vaping.

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