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By February 26, 2017Buy Cheap Water Bongs

In this one, I showcase two new bongs sent to me from MTMGate.com. One of them happens to be pretty interesting, as it has a windmill perc which I’ve never even fuggin heard of. The second one is a Faberge egg dab rig. I also explain why i’ve been gone the past week. Hopefully you guys enjoy, stay stoned.

Windmill Bong: http://www.mtmgate.com/straight-tube-windmill-perc-glass-water-bongs-spaceship-perc-to-propeller-perc-glass-bongs–p480834.html

Fabrege Egg Dab Rig: http://www.mtmgate.com/-mothership-inspired-faberge-egg-rig-two-function-glass-bongs-p481265.html

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