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How to make BHO: Butane Hash Oil

A simple tutorial on extracting hash from your green with glass and butane.

Bare with us this being our first video, thought we start with a High Grade QWISO Tutorial

Before we Begin, if you want an even better quality iso run, use 99% isopropyl alcohol, bubble bags, and heat/vac purge

The Video has all the instructions you need but I will go through a Quick Summary:

Pre Instructions: Overnight (10-24hrs) take your ‘material” put it in freezer, also take your Iso and freeze it.

1. Create Strain with filtration by taking your bubble bag placing that inside your strainer, then take your coffee filters (3-4) place those inside the bubble bag(90mu or lower), take this strain with filters and place it atop your mason jar/catch jar, this will be your setup to “Catch your 1st Run”

2. Repeat step 1 to create your subsequent catch jars for runs 2-3, for these jars you don’t have to use bubble bags just 3-4 coffee filters, me personally i only use bags on the 1st run sometimes 2nd as well, 3rd never

3. Now take a separate mason jar, add your “Material” take the 91% isopropyl alcohol fill it just enough to cover your material, let sit for 10 seconds, then lightly in a circular motion swish around for 20-30 more seconds. Now you can filter this liquid through your 1st run “Catch Jar” with strainer atop. Pour this strained liquid into your Glass Baking dish

4. Repeat step 3 for subsequent runs 2-3

5. Turn on your electric griddle preferably between 115-135 degrees Fahrenheit. Place your glass baking dishes on the griddle. Now depending on how much liquid you have to heat purge this can take between 30 mins up-to several hours. So keep a close eye on it. Once you’ve noticed all the liquid evaporate you are ready to scrape.

6. Grab your razor blade or whatever you use to scrape. Scrape up everything you can and wipe the razor blade onto parchment paper.

7. Clean out your baking dishes and place them back on griddle at the same Temp. Take your parchment paper and place it in the glass while weighting it down with razor blades, or coins. This is your final heat purge before. This can also take anywhere from 30mins to several hours depending on how much you have. Once you notice your material starting to change to a lighter color and shatter up its dry

8. Now that you have your final product place it in the freezer for 12-24 more hours in order to solidify the lipids (fats, waxes, sterols, etc..) so they can be filtered out

You can take it a step further and Vac Purge before you put in the freezer for the final cure to get the best quality possible, but you don’t have to.

Making QWISO is more of an art form once you master it your wax/shatter can be pretty comparable to BHO

This method is for people who want something stronger than bubble hash but don’t want to expose themselves to highly combustible gases such as butane, or don’t have the money to run bho properly.

The problem with QWISO is, as a solvent ISO is not as pure as butane and obviously not as healthy as Bubble, so you will be left with more chlorophyl when running QWISO to counter this I use either Food Grade Bubble hash(100mu or 90Mu) or dry sifted Kief as my starting material as you can see in video no Chlorophyl left over leaving quality/clarity A grade.

Since we also breed and grow exotic strains (Instagram @growoperations) our starting material is High quality, i would recommend starting with the best material possible

More Videos coming

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