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Glass Globes and Water Pipes That Never Go Out Of Fashion

By October 25, 2016Bongs And Pipes For Sale

Every smoker has his own nuanced way of finding a high. The technique differs from person to person, and so does the choice of smoking accessory. While some swear by their antique metal pipes, some DIY smokers are happy with their crudely crafted and home-made bongs and pipes. For some, it’s only the end result that matters. But for many others, the process of reaching that ultimate high is also important. These connoisseurs spend a lot of time debating the ins and outs of every smoking accessory in the market, and find a lot of joy in selecting that perfect smoking device that will their cherished treasure for a long time. Or until, the next treasured smoking device replaces it! The Millennium Smoke Shop sees its fair share of connoisseurs who browse through our portals looking for that perfect tool. The Roor water pipes and the Micro Vaped Glass Globes Edition are two of our most sought after products and if you too are a connoisseur of the art of smoking, then you will find these devices right up your alley.

Oriental artistry at its best

The Chinese Orientals were great masters. Not only did they know much about the world and its philosophies, they also knew how to enjoy the simple things in life. Like tea. And like a good smoke. The Chinese were the first to create and use water pipes for the use of smoking sometime in the sixteenth century when the rest of the world was still blissfully unaware of what this hobby. A water pipe is a smoking device that is considered to be the best tool for smokers because it adds a filtration quotient to the whole act which is lacking in other smoking tools. It makes the task of smoking even more pleasurable. Roor water pipes are generally considered to the best in the business, and for those who like a bigger hit the Roor bongs are an effective accessory to have around the house.

Crowd favorites, forever

Roor water pipes and Roor bongs for sale on Millennium Smoke Shop have been a favorite with the buyers for a long time. These expertly crafted accessories are made in Germany by the glass-blowing maestro Martin Birzle. The vaporizer is shaped like a large pen, and is a portable. It is a specially constructed tool for vaporizing essential oils in their concentrated forms. Instead of the traditional heating mechanism used in most vaping tools, the Micro Vaped Glass Globe Edition uses its own titanium coils for heating the oils. Since titanium is a biologically safe metal and a good conductor of heat, the oils get vaporized quickly and without any harmful residues! High on aesthetics and quality, both these smoking accessories will add another dimension to smoking hobby.

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