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U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo Proves Smoking Dope and Politics Bad Mix

By March 13, 2017Bong Websites
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U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo made the statement today that all of the country of Mexico is a drug cartel. I wished he would have emailed me before he made that statement and wish also he would lay off the sinsemilla. It has to be affecting his judgment as evidenced by his making a goofy statement like that.

Had he only contacted me I would have told him that my mother-in-law and sister-in-law aren’t involved with El Chapo, Los Hermanos Arrellano Felix or La Reyna Del Pacifico so at least he would know his declaration was false. By definition folks involved with these groups are ‘narcos’ or involved in the drug trade. Those that aren’t, aren’t. Hopefully Rep. Tancredo puts down his bong long enough and lets that simple fact sink in.

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law belong to an extremist group called Los Testigos de Jehovah or in English, Jehovah’s Witnesses. These radicals are trying their best to get rid of beer and cantinas and mota and everything else the good Congressman does and more. But that’s not the half of it. Furthermore they are against all fiestas including Cinco de Mayo and Christmas. Needless to say you can imagine what a hoot it is New Year’s Eve at their casa.

I’m sure if El Chapo himself came up and offered a lucrative drug territory to my relatives they would start telling him about the Mark of the Beast and Armageddon. El Chapo would not know what to say when they describe the beast rising up out of the ocean and coming on land to take care of business.

El Chapo could be talking about great big bags of cocaine and they would be quoting Bible verses. They will wear him out. And they don’t tire. Once they quote the whole Bible they don’t feel the least bit embarrassed about doing it all over again. Day after day. Week after week. They don’t do drugs; they quote the Bible.

And then there are my Maya pals. Yes, Rep. Tancredo, I do have a hut in a Maya village with my Mexican wife of 35 years who didn’t know who El Chapo was either until I told her.

Now my question to the mentally compromised Rep. Tancredo is this: if everyone is involved in the lucrative drug trade, why are all my Maya neighbors so poor? Not one has a Mercedes, jet, pool, spa, bodyguard or small arms firing range. Not one has a Swedish trophy wife that lounges around the hut in a bikini. Not one of their kids is a spring breaker. Que pasa?

So much for the facts. The problem is that irresponsible statements can actually hurt bilateral relations. The Congressman is portrayed as somewhat brain damaged by all three Mexican parties: the PAN, the PRI and the PRD. To get these three groups to agree on anything is next to impossible. But they did all agree to denounce the mental faculties of the good Congressman.

Santiago Creel and Ruth Green Macias of the Mexican Congress in La Cronica newspaper characterized Congressman’s Tancredo’s statements as odd since many of Congressman’s constituents are drug users. In fact, they make the point that if the Congressman’s constituents stopped consuming drugs, the drug cartels everywhere would just go away. Reduced demand means reduced supply.

Is it any less righteous of me to accuse the good senator of snorting a few lines in the Congressional loo then it is for him to accuse my relatives and every other Mexican of being a drug trafficker?

What is truly ironic is that just as the Congressman’s accusations were hitting the Mexican websites another story broke about how armed drug cartel assassins killed four police in an ambush. I’m certain if these police had been members of the drug cartel then the cartel would not have killed them. In fact, the feeds were saying that two cops were slain as they innocently tried to stop the killers in another town.

Now, if I’m the mother or father of one of these slain cops and I read what the stoned Rep. Tancredo is saying then I get a bit ticked. I get angry at Rep. Tancredo and all his drug using constituents that support the cartels that killed my son in the line of duty.

So, fare Congressman, not all Mexicans are drug dealers. And I’ll even bet not all your constituents are drug users either. When you accuse a neighbor and friend of something as strong as being a drug dealer you damn better well have proof or somebody is going to call your bluff.

Because sooner or later that great big sea monster at Armageddon time is going to come up and take care of all those that spread malicious lies and rumors about their good neighbors. My Jehovah’s Witness mother in law would say that if the good Congressman apologizes and promises to mend his ways then we should forgive and forget. That’s what Jesus wants us to do.

But as for me, I think it’s sea monster time.

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