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Why Tahitian Noni?

By November 28, 2016Blueberry Seeds
blueberry seeds

Tahitian Noni Products made from the morinda citrifolia fruit, seeds and leaves are becoming very popular. In 1996 when Tahitian Noni International (TNI) introduced the first commercial noni juice product TAHITIAN NONI® Juice, the juice quickly became known worldwide.

Other companies offering juice, capsules, teas, shampoo and soap have tried to break into the market and capitalize on TNI’s success. They have not succeeded because TNI’s focus on quality and its guarantee of customer satisfaction have proved more popular.

Consumers prefer the Tahitian Noni® brand products because of their quality and consistency. In fact 90% of all worldwide sales on noni products are the Tahitian Noni® brand. Since 1996 TNI has sold over $ 3 billion US dollars worth of noni products.

TNI uses only fruit picked by trained and certified local harvesters in the Tahitian Islands. This ensures that they are picked at the correct time and the fruits’ nutrients are preserved. 65% of the fruit is harvested from wild trees while the rest is picked from plantation style fruit orchards. Harvesting, washing and shipping raw fruit provides employment for thousands of families throughout the Tahitian Islands making TNI a major employer.

The picked fruit is inspected, sealed in plastic liners and placed in large drums for shipment from the small islands to the main processing plant in Mataiea, Tahiti. Quality control information is also recorded and is used to track the fruit from the harvester all the way to the final bottling process and its eventual sale to a consumer. In this manner TNI can ensure that it knows the exact origins of every bottle. This quality control makes their famous customer satisfaction guarantee possible.

In Mataiea, Tahiti, a specially built processing plant reduces the fruit to a puree and extracts its seeds. The small seeds are later used to manufacture the Tahitian Noni® Seed Oil.

The puree is pasteurized using FDA and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) approved processes and then packaged in large totes to be shipped by sea to the bottling plants in Utah USA, Fukuoka Japan and Shanghai China.

It is important to note that the American FDA requires that all unpasteurized juices must be labeled as such. If you are drinking a noni juice not made by TNI check to make sure it is pasteurized. TNI proprietary processes ensure both food safety and high quality standards are used throughout their manufacturing systems.

The morinda citrifolia puree is shipped in sealed 320 gallon tote containers. Each container is tracked and retested for purity and safety when it arrives at the three bottling plants in the USA, Japan and China.

TNI owns the largest and only dedicated noni research facility in the world. “We know more about noni then anybody else.” says Kelly Olsen. This research faculty is a key part of TNI’s strategy to ensure that it maintains the very highest quality noni products.

The noni puree is mixed with other components under the scrutiny of highly trained and qualified food processing technicians who ensure that the highest quality standards are followed each and every day. The TAHITIAN NONI Juice is pasteurized a second time because of the new ingredients and its passing through various pieces of mixing equipment. The juice is then bottled in their trade marked glass bottles and sealed with a consumer removable seal much like wine bottles use. Each bottle is labeled with codes to ensure that the company can trace the juice in the bottle all the way back to the harvesters in the Tahitian Islands should any questions arise regarding quality.

TAHITIAN NONI® Juice is 89% pure noni with added grape and blueberry fruit juice concentrate. The grape and blueberry juices reduce the strong taste of the noni and make it possible for consumers worldwide to enjoy the benefits of the fruit. Raw noni is so extremely strong that most people can only taste a small amount and then only to discover how strong its aroma is. The grapes and blueberries flavor the taste and also add antioxidant qualities. Blueberries have some of the highest levels of antioxidants ever discovered in fruit.

TAHITIAN NONI® n-Core contains the same amount of noni as the original TAHITIAN NONI Juice. The original juice combines noni with blueberry and grape juices to create an antioxidant-rich superblend; n-Core creates a new superblend that combines noni-which has 3 human clinical trials showing its cardiovascular benefits-with other beneficial juices to help you naturally maintain a healthy heart.

Tahitian Noni® Equine Essentials™
Tahitian Noni® Equine Essentials™ is manufactured from the puree. All applicable feed safety standards are used in making these products to ensure the highest quality standards, including pasteurization and bottle labeling so like the Juice each jar can be traced back to the original harvester in Tahiti.

Other products such as teas, oils and preserves made from the puree, seeds and leaves are also manufactured by TNI in their American, Japanese and Chinese plants using the highest food safety standards and inspected to ensure that all national standards are exceeded in any country in which the products are sold.

TNI products are all labeled per the national standards in the countries in which they are sold in. American, Canadian and EU Standards are very high and provide a high quality product even if the production line spans from Tahiti to Japan, China and the USA.
Tablets, Capsules and other Noni Products

Some of TNI competitors pick the noni fruit in Tahiti or Hawaii, dehydrate it and package it in tablets and capsules. While this masks the strong natural taste of the noni, little is known about the effects of dehydration on the noni’s properties. TNI has wisely decided to stick with the natural fruit, juice, seeds and leaves and processes them in a manner similar to the traditional methods. While this is more difficult and technologically challenging it has also proven to be more popular with consumers.

Tahitian Noni International supplies the world with the amazing health benefits of the noni fruit in its purest form. TNI’s superior product is placed into the hands of consumers the world over guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction.

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