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How to Grow Blueberry Tree

By October 24, 2016Blueberry Seeds
blueberry seeds

In 1958 tremendous publicity was given to climbing strawberries which appear to have remontant blood. The original climber is said to have been produced in Germany by Herr Hummel and called by him Sonjana. Georges Truffaut of Versailles, France, has the sole rights for that country, selling the variety under the name Truffaut-Prodige.

The idea is to cultivate the blueberry in a similar manner to the blackcurrant: the rows should be 8 feet apart and the bushes 4 feet apart in the rows. The fruit is picked once a week during August and. September when other soft fruits are over.

King’s acre berry is a hybrid raised by crossing the blackberry and raspberry. It is picked earlier than the loganberry and the fruit comes away from the core easily, like a raspberry. It is like a long-shaped blackberry of excellent flavour. The canes are sturdy and bear heavy crops of fruit. Plant 8 feet apart.

Nectarberry is a seedling from the Youngberry. The fruits ripen two weeks before its parent and about four days after the first boysanberry. It crops far more heavily than the boysanberry and has a much longer season. There is no noticeable core and the seeds are on the soft side. It seems to do well in a drought and should be planted 8 feet apart.

Most people, however, allow some of the plants to scramble over the surface of the ground and thus they produce a heavy crop of runners for next year’s planting and they treat the climbing strawberry as an annual.

Youngberry was raised by a nurseryman called Young of California who crossed the dewberry with the Phenomenal Berry. The fruit is dark red, almost black, large, juicy and with a minimum of seeds. It is easy to pick, for the berries arc carried on spurs well away from the canes which are not, incidentally, very thorny. Plant 7 feet apart.