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Blueberry Chia Seed Muffins!

By February 12, 2017Blueberry Seeds

These are my favourite healthy breakfast muffins which are incredibly easy to make! With lots of oats, chia seeds, bananas and blueberries they make a great start to the day! Get the recipe: http://www.donalskehan.com/2015/01/blueberry-chia-seed-muffins/

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This is my First Grow.
I bought my feminised autoflower seeds from ILGM seedbank.
Amnesia, Blueberry, Ak47 autoflower are at day 38 from seed.
AK47, Whitewidow autoflower seedlings are in day 5 from seed.
Bagseeds are in day 30 from seed.
I am learning growing from internet forums not much, I will be happy to see your comments and suggestions.
For lighting I have 6 CFL Lights each of them are 60 Watts for Veg I have white, for flowering I have Yellow lights they are at 18/6.
For feeding I just use regular house plant food with maintaining ph at 6.5
For watering I just check the first inches of soil, if it is not dry I did not water, but for seedling I spray their soil a little bit each day.