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A Rain Nutrition Review Indicates Company Products May Hold New Nutritional Promise

By December 22, 2016Blueberry Seeds
blueberry seeds

There are times when a new product line comes on the market and its difference from competitors is easy to spot. In the nutritional supplement niche there are literally thousands of competitors, and the majority of them seem very similar. But this Rain Nutrition Review may be helpful to those nutritionally minded consumers who are looking for that one in a thousand product.

Upon first look, Rain products could be seen as just another line of nutritional supplements in a full market. But, with a deeper look, these interesting supplements have something different to offer. The company is committed to providing nutritional help to fight not only obesity, which is on the rise worldwide, but also free-radical fighting drinks, pills, and powders. Of course, these are not new goals, but the company has used new processes to source their ingredients. This alone seems to make a big difference in what they have to offer.

Rain makes its nutritional products from the seeds of familiar foods, such as berries. There is no magic to the list of common berries, such as cranberry and blueberry. What is totally different is the focus on the cold pressing process used. Supposedly, the process produces superior results, ensuring that the highest amount of nutrients comes out of it.

Seven products make up the portfolio offered by Rain. Each is designed to achieve a specific nutritional goal. There are Soul, Storm, Rush, Thrive, Pure, Vapor, and a Test Kit. The kit is used by the consumer to test for specific chemicals in the body that are indicators of poor health. The products are named to reflect some aspect of their function.

The core product is called Soul. The primary purpose of this supplement is to provide high quality antioxidants in sufficiently high amounts to fight free radicals and defend against illnesses. The two primary ingredients are Black Cumin and Black Raspberry Seeds. These are blended with omega 3 fatty acids to provide a balance that promotes good health.

The company uses a cold press process to extract nutrition from seeds. The seeds are an unexpected lot. Common cranberry lines up with pomegranate, blueberry, cumin, and Chardonnay grape seeds. Curiosity tends to propel the consumer toward the products. How can seeds do such amazing things? The learning process here is as important as taking the supplements, it would seem.

Couple the high nutritional value with a business opportunity, and you just might find that this is a business that might be appealing to some. Discover the MLM structure of the company and you may decide that it is no different than other nutritional product companies that do business in the same way. But, nevertheless, the business opportunity exists, and people are taking advantage of it. A visit to the company website shows listings of training events, informational gatherings, and the like.

This Rain Nutrition Review seeks to give a glimpse into the proprietary workings of an interesting nutritional supplement company. The focus on better health, an appealing product to market, and business opportunity makes the company undeniably worth consideration. Regardless of your interest, whether it be optimal health or profit, you may just find this to be a path you might enjoy exploring.