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Small Glass Bongs: what are they and why to use them?

By August 15, 2017Blown Glass Bongs
blown glass bongs

If you are intending on being the only one to use your bong and are positive that it will be protected, you ought to check out a truly technical bong. These can get costly, the cool, clean hits they produce, and the ideal THC absorption are worth the additional cash. Normally, technical pieces suggest glass; accessories, diffusers, perks, splashguards, ash catchers and ice catchers, likewise enter your mind. Glass that is vulnerable or precarious is likewise best put on personal or controlled use, and these pieces continue to be effective since of their elaborate and frequently gorgeous designs.

Do not be dissuaded, nevertheless, from buying a glass piece simply due to the fact that of their breakability. There are many glass bongs that are quite durable and perfect for casual, daily use. Soft glass is typically a great density (however beware with setting it down too approximately since the glass is thinner in the blown-out bottom chamber). Glass straight pipes or beaker bongs are likewise relatively tough for regular activity and for being passed hand to hand as long as the height isn’t really outrageous.

Bongs and its accessories

Undoubtedly, when considering glass bongs, you have to consider accessories: party bowl (male) pieces, ash catchers, updated down stems (females), etc. Obviously a quality bong without anything added can be perfect in its simplicity and structure, however equipping is certainly an indication to consider.

There is a lot range in glass bongs that they deserve their own article. If you are somebody who appreciates seeing the clearness (or do not have thereof) of water in your bong, you can get a clear glass bong. If you are somebody who will wish to have the ability to strike your bong while lying in a reclining chair or a hammock, you can get a bent bong that will direct the smoke back in the direction of you without you needing to sit directly over it.

If you desire the most convenient clean, prevent additional perks and splashguards. If you like a really revitalizing hit, ensure you find a bong with an ice catcher (and if you have a tiny refrigerator or a beer refrigerator, get a bong that will fit inside to chill it while it’s not in use, however never ever put your glass bowl piece in there or it will likely break due to temperature shock from the flame when smoking). There are likewise different ways the smoke can be directed in glass bongs: consider the distinction in between a Helix and a Roar. If you desire something vibrant, glass blowers are basically the innovators of cool colors and color mixes.

Ceramic bongs are in fashion

Ceramic bongs have the tendency to be smaller sized than numerous glass bongs since the product is much heavier, yet they still provide a pure tasting hit. These, too, can be available in wide varieties of color mixes and designs because anything in an artist’s head can be repainted on a ceramic surface.

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