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Registry Cleaner Shareware Secrets Exposed!

By December 31, 2016Bho

You can find many registry cleaner shareware that can be downloaded for free at a limited time. These trial software programs offer system scanning without costing anything, while applying the best registry cleaning techniques in order to identify and eliminate registry errors and threats in your computers. A list of the best cleaner applications includes RegCure, Registry Mechanic, Regisry Smart, and Registry Fix.

Topping the list of cleaners is RegCure, the leading cleaner and analyzer. Regcure provides a powerful tool that identifies and deletes registry errors and invalid registry entries, and missing registry data left by system programs that were formerly uninstalled in the system. RegCure can repair errors quickly and safely, as it allows users to choose between automatic and manual cleaning. RegCure features a 1-click system scan that automatically launches the registry scanner in a single click. This cleaner also offers data backup features that enable users to back up registry data and restore applied change at any time desired. A free scan of your system using RegCure will only allow you to search for errors only in the Windows registry. To ensure full protection, you must purchase the complete product.

Registry Mechanic is next on the list, which is a great cleaner that also allows manual scanning of the Windows registry. Probably Registry Mechanic’s best feature is its ability to scan the Windows Registry in real-time, which means that the cleaner detects registry errors as soon as they occur in the system. Detecting the problem at the earliest time possible helps your computers become more secure from registry threats and damages. This program also features data backup, startup manager, and comprehensive scan report. A free download of this software will only cater PC scanning. The complete package comes at $ 29.95.

Bagging the third spot is the Registry Smart, which is probably the fastest registry scanner that completes registry scans in 2 minutes. Just like any other cleaner, Registry Smart also features a 1-click scan, data backup capabilities, reversible registry fixes and powerful manual or auto scanning. Registry Smart offers a sleek interface that is perfect for a technical newbie that has no previous experience in dealing with registry errors.

Registry Fix also offers free scanning that deeply examines and eliminates invalid entries and correctly diagnoses registry problems safely and quickly. It has a friendly interface that makes registry scanning less complicated especially for beginners. This software also features BHO (Browser Helper Objects) management, which allows users to control which BHO should continue to run in the system. As we all know, a Browser Helper Object is one major source of malicious registry threats that dangerously alters and corrupts registry data.

All of these registry cleaner software programs have their own strengths and weaknesses in this tool. Users should be wary in choosing the most efficient registry cleaner as these sharewares provide registry cleaning only at the first stage, and that means customers have to buy the complete package in order to ensure complete protection.

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