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$10 GRAM OF BHO???

By February 22, 2017Bho


Thought i’d show you what can buy you in the state of Washington… a gram of straight poop soup… Saving a couple dollars is NEVER worth your health. Get your concentrates from reliable sources that take your health into consideration!!

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No, BHO does not stand for Barack Hussein Obama, though we’re guessing the 44th president would have enjoyed it back in his cannabis-smoking Choom Gang days. Rather, the abbreviation is for butane hash oil (BHO), a concentrated form of cannabis rich in solvent-extracted cannabinoids. Making quality BHO is a multi-day, multi-stage process best done using closed-loop extraction machines like the PX1, and the final oil-based product can come in different forms like shatter, budder, wax and oil tinctures. This video details the entire BHO-making process, including the science behind many of the steps.
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