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The 3 Best Ways To Quit Smoking

By November 23, 2016Best Vapes
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Many smokers are waiting for the easiest and best way to quit smoking before they ever attempt to embark upon the endeavor themselves. They want something quick, easy and above all, fail proof. They want to be nonsmokers but they don’t want to do the work.

The truth is, if you want to be a nonsmoker, you don’t have to spend a dime, in fact, according to recent studies you can do it very easily. While this may sound too good to be true, the following ways will show you just how simple it really can be.

Cold Turkey

You won’t find this on any stop smoking commercial, but it’s true. Quitting cold turkey seems to yield the best results. Whether it’s due to finances or simply that you’ve decided that it’s time to quit, you’re much more likely to quit if you go cold turkey according to recent studies.

The fact remains that all of the other products on the market today have yielded mixed results. Those who quit cold turkey are much more likely to stay nonsmokers. Here are a few of their tips for being successful.

Chew gum every time you want a cigarette. This may mean you have to have a case of gum on hand but in time it can replace the habit with gum chewing and you can eventually break that habit as well.

Replace smoking with your favorite candy or treat. Whether it be a sugar filled candy or a crunchy bagged treat you’re sure to find that you’re not smoking if you pop one of these into your mouth every time you crave that cigarette.

Replace smoking with a favorite activity or new hobby.

Withdrawal may take only a few days or it may be up to a month. Regardless, when you learn to replace your cigarette with something else that is far healthier (even candy is healthier than smoking) you’re sure to break the habit and win the battle over smoking.

The first week is always the most challenging. If you can make it past that first week you’re usually good to go as long as you don’t give into the temptation to light up (instead open up that candy or bag and snack away).


Many workplaces offer a challenge to the smokers to quit smoking. They may offer a monetary incentive, a special trip or something else.

An example would be the employer that takes the cost of a pack of cigarettes out of the person’s paycheck and puts it into a special fund that the person will get back as one lump sum after six months without smoking have passed. The person can watch the balance grow. The plan can go as a pack a day, a pack a week etc. according to how many packs of cigarettes the person smokes per day or week.

Sometimes it just takes a small incentive and the person seeing how much they can really save by not smoking. Many workplaces will match this fund if the person is successful so that the person actually doubles their money at the end of the six month period.


Another idea is to recite a mantra every time you wish to light up a cigarette. Some have used this technique and sucked on a hard candy or a vitamin C drop each time they wish to light up. By using both methods together they have found that they can be very successful.

The mantra can be anything that you wish as long as you can remember it. Most people prefer to keep it short so that they can repeat it often throughout the day. It might be, “I’m doing this for my health” or “I’m saving $ 10 on a pack of cigarettes by not smoking” etc. A common one to use is the “NOPE” method. Not One Puff Ever.

It’s important to believe that you’re going to be successful at stopping your smoking. You have to believe in yourself and have the faith that you can stop. You’re going to have to focus on your end goal. Don’t give in and light up a cigarette, the urge to smoke will quickly pass (usually within 15 minutes) and you’ll be fine.

You’re not losing out on anything. You’re gaining your health back. You’re going to be saving money. And you’re going to find that you notice smells (good and bad) and appreciate and enjoy the taste of your food now.

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