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BEST VAPES OF 2015!! | TiaVapes

By July 14, 2017Best Vapes

BEST VAPES OF 2015!! | TiaVapes

Hello my lovely vapies! Today’s video is my BEST VAPES OF 2015! I’ll link below to everything I talked about in this video! Yay!
Looper by Anml: http://bit.ly/ANMLeLiquid
The Milkman by The Vaping Rabbit: http://bit.ly/MilkmaneLiquid
Rusty Nails by RastaVapors: http://bit.ly/RastaVapors
Chicora by CapeFearJuice Co: http://bit.ly/CapeFearJuiceCompany
MilkPlus by BanzaiVapors: http://bit.ly/BanzaiVapors
Pound It by BanzaiVapors: http://bit.ly/BanzaiVapors

Holmez by ViPR: http://bit.ly/HolmezePip

MigCig 21 by MigVapor: http://bit.ly/BestECIGforSmokers
V2 by V2cigs: http://bit.ly/V2Website

Crown by UWell: http://bit.ly/1Jsrtxs
iSub by Innokin: http://bit.ly/InnokiniSub
iSub G by Innokin: http://bit.ly/iSubG
iSub Apex by Innokin: http://bit.ly/iSubApex
Target by Vaporesso: http://bit.ly/Target75WTC

*eLiquid Subscription Box*
Zamplebox: http://bit.ly/ZampleBoxes
VapeBox: http://bit.ly/VAPEBOX

Unicorn Bottles: http://bit.ly/UniBottles
Modsock by Studio88Creations: http://bit.ly/ModSock

*eGo style*
eGO ONE by Joyetech: http://bit.ly/eGoONEJoyeTech
eGO ONE Mini by Joytech: http://bit.ly/eGoONEMini
Endura T18 by Innokin: http://bit.ly/EnduraT18

*Mini Box Mods*
VBox30 by VPark: http://bit.ly/VBox30MiniMod
iStick Mini by eLeaf: http://bit.ly/iStickMini
Sigelei 30w Mini by Sigelei: http://bit.ly/Sigelei30Wmini

*Medium Box Mods*
CoolFire 4 by Innokin: http://bit.ly/CoolFireIV
Tesla Two by Telsa: http://bit.ly/TeslaTwo

NEBox by KangerTech: http://bit.ly/NeBox
eGripV2 by Joyetech: http://bit.ly/eGripOLEDCL

*Large Box Mods*
MVP3Pro by Innokin: http://bit.ly/MVP3PRO
Sigelei 100w+ by Sigelei: http://bit.ly/Sigelei100

*eLiquid Tester*
510 DDA by Joyetech: http://bit.ly/510DripAtomizer
Troll RDA by Wotofo: http://bit.ly/TrollRDA

★What I’m vaping in this video★
Device: http://bit.ly/NeBox
Atomizer(tank/RDA): http://bit.ly/NeBox
eLiquid: http://bit.ly/BanzaiVapors
Battery: http://bit.ly/IMR18650
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eLiquid tester(for beginners): http://bit.ly/510DripAtomizer ☜
RDA(advanced eliquid tester): http://bit.ly/TrollRDA ☜
eLiquid subscription box: http://bit.ly/ZampleBoxes ☜
Create your own flavors: http://bit.ly/VaporBar ☜
BEST eCig for smokers: http://bit.ly/BestECIGforSmokers ☜
All-in-One(standard ohm): http://bit.ly/eGripOLEDCL ☜
All-in-One(subohm): http://bit.ly/NeBox ☜
Standard ohm tank(1.0ohm or higher): http://bit.ly/MiniNautilus ☜
Sub-ohm tank(.9ohm or lower): http://bit.ly/iSubApex ☜
Large eCig box mod: http://bit.ly/MVP3PRO ☜
Small eCig box mod(unregulated): http://bit.ly/TeslaTwo ☜
Mini eCig box mod(standard ohm): http://bit.ly/iStickMini ☜
Mini eCig box mod(subohm): http://bit.ly/VBox30MiniMod ☜
Mini eCig battery(tube style): http://bit.ly/eGoONEMini ☜
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Lighting: http://bit.ly/LSPro ☜
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