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I HAD TO QUIT VAPING! | IndoorSmokers

By November 22, 2016Best Vape Brands

I Had To Quit Vaping Last Week, Check Out Innokin Facebook Page Here: http://bit.ly/InnokinFB Get The CoolFire IV Plus Storm Edition Here: http://bit.ly/StromEdition

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Top E Juice Brands | Top 3 E Juice Brands

Top E Juice Brands | Top 3 E Juice Brands

Learn More About – V2 Cigs

Learn More About – Vapor Fi

Learn More About – Mig Vapor

Ok guys so today I wanted to talk about what I consider to be some of the Top E Juice brands on the market.

Starting in no particular order with Vapor Fi, which is on most peoples top e juice brands list and here’s why. Vapor Fi offers one of the widest range of e liquids on the market. With Vapor Fi you can a create your own blend with over 30,000 custom blends or if you lazy like me or just indecisive, you can pick from 115 pre-made flavors that they offer. Now one of the coolest things about Vapor Fi is that they offers different mixes of PG /VG with the standard e liquids using 70/30 or 50/50 blend, their reserve collection uses a 40/60 blend and their grand reserve collection uses a 30/70 blend. So they have something for everyone. 4 flavors that I really like are the Catch Ya Latte, which is from the Grand Reserve line, it’s a 30/70 PG VG ration and smells and taste like freshly brewed espresso and is super awesome. Just a side note, the e juice from Vapor Fi’s Grand Reserve line are a little more pricey currently costing .99, but I can tell a big difference in flavor compared to their other lines and these all come in 30ml bottles. Another flavor from the Grand Reserve line I like is called Cloud Candy. Vapor Fi describes it as Gummy Bears swimming in a pool of gelatin under fluffy clouds of cotton candy and I must admit it’s Pretty SWEET! If you looking for something a little less pricey from the Reserve line, Black Velvet is really good. It’s like a cherry soft drink flavor, which I’m a big cherry coke, cherry DP, cherry any kind of soft drink kind of guy. So this fields that void for me. This one I got on the cheap off their site for .99. And if I’m picking something from their standard e liquid flavor line, I have to go with Very Vanilla. I’m just a sucker for vanilla e juice. All of Vapor Fi’s e juices are 100% made in the USA, come with child proof bottle tops, and lot numbers so you can trace back the origins of your eliquid. Also Vapor fi has registered all their formulas with the FDA and their e-liquid lab is also registered with the FDA as a tobacco manufacturer.

Which brings me to the V2 Cigs. V2 Cigs is not really known as one of the top e juice brands mainly because they just don’t have the selection. Their platinum e liquids come in 12 flavors including tobacco flavors of V2 Red, Sahara and Congress; the chill flavors of V2 Menthol, Peppermint and Green Tea Menthol; and sweet flavors of Grape, Cherry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee and V2 Cola.
All the v2 e liquid bottles come with a clearly labelled batch number and expiration date. You can enter your batch number into their website and it will send you a PDF of that batch report. Unlike a lot of other e juice manufacturers V2 cigs clearly state exactly what is in their vape juice, including the flavors and sweeteners they use. The 2 flavors that really stand out of me are V2 cigs Vanilla E juice, which is really good and their Menthol which is really similar to a Marlboro menthol flavor. V2’s Vape Juice is comes in 25ml bottles and 50ml bottles. The 25ml currently runs .95 and he 50ml cost .95 before using any kind of disconts.

Finally I wanted to talk about Mig Vapor. Mig Vapor is starting to build it’s reputation as one of the top e juice brands on the market. They have numerous of lines of vape juice and they got something for everyone and they come in multiple sizes including 15ml at .95, 30ml at .95 , and even 120ml bottles at .95 and you can also pick different VG levels. Their 50/50 line is made for e cigarettes and vaporizer tanks. They have one of the best tasting tobacco flavors with their RY Tobacco, which has a soft gentle tobacco flavor. And their Red Line E juice uses super high grade kosher VG. This line is known for it’s intense flavor and is pretty much designed for drippers and mod users. Mig Vapor also like Vapor fi offers a Mix your own E Juice option. With their system you can add up to 75 flavors 5 times which comes out to almost endless possibilities.

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Top E Juice Brands |Top 3 E Juice Brands

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