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The Portable Vaporizers That Stand Out – the Firefly, the Ascent, the Flower mate and the Crafty Vaporizers

best portable vaporizer

Portable vaporizers are the in-thing of 2015 – they are small, compact, advanced and suited to their purpose.

The vaporizer, first designed by Chinese pharmacist Han Lik through his invention which he called ‘Ruyan’, has indeed come a long way. After their introduction in the USA in the mid-2000s, vaping today has grown by such leaps and bounds that Oxford had to name it as the ‘Word Of The Year’ in 2014.

Here, in this article, we are going to explore the best in the world of vaporizers. Some of which include:

Why Pax 2’s Firefly is being christened as ‘portable perfection’?

Co-created by Mark Williams and Sasha Robinson, the Firefly is a beauty in its own right. Take your first puff and you will know that this is the best thing that you have ever put yourself into!

The Firefly’s sophisticated electronics is complemented by an elegant façade made out of stainless steel and aluminum. Although quite heavy to hold, it can be used comfortably within the grasp of your fingers. Loading occurs by pulling open a magnetic lid into a bowl which you can fill in with the herbs that you desire to smoke. After closing the lid, the power switch is switched on and the heating button is pressed. After some time, pure vapors emanate out of it which become increasingly pure with every inhalation.

This one’s a treat for the inner senses!

The new stylish and stealthy Flower mate Vaporizer Vapermax V

Developed by Smiss, this dry portable vaporizer pen is a well modified version of its ancestors. The glass screens are no longer there, and the Flower mate truly vaporizes herbs without the use of any other accessories.

The heating process starts automatically as the vaporizer is loaded, as there is no power button. What’s striking about the device is that is that it is very hygienic and easy to clean, it hardly produces any foul odor and you can get 17 draws from each vaping session.

The only fault with the device is the lack of temperature settings for the heating process, otherwise it’s a thoroughly pleasant instrument.

More about the Crafty Portable Vaporizer

Ranked extremely high in the purity of its vapors, the Crafty portable convection vaporizer from German brand Storz and Bickel is a slim, 4.3 inches tall vaporizer which has two different temperature settings – ‘Default’ which is set at 356F and the ‘Boost’ setting, set at 383F.

Moreover, it can be controlled using a simple app from your Android or iOS device, which allows you to change the temperature settings.

The only drawback here, in comparison to its contemporaries is that the lithium ion battery lasts for 45 minutes and can be used for only 4 sessions.

What does the Ascent have in store for you?

Defined by its drool-worthy features, Da Vinci’s Ascent vaporizer is stylish and fresh. The coolest thing about it the glass-tube mouthpiece which can be pulled out and is actually an extension of an all-glass enclosed vapor path. A digital display showing the temperature settings shines due to LED lit interface.

The Ascent can be loaded not only with dry specimens but also with hash oil which gives off the perfect flavor. This one is thus a classy instrument that is completely worth the pinch in your pocket.

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