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Smoking a curse or a Taboo or a boon with the introduction of e-cigarette

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With the introduction of e-juice and e-liquid nicotine, we all thought that this invention will become fuss in coming days.The concept is quite revolutionary however in initial days of its introduction in market there are very few takers of e-cigarette. Many people thought that e-cigarette will only be used as a toy rather than a useful tool to quit smoking.When electronic cigarettes were introduced in the market there was a lot of curiosity regarding the passage of smoke or from where smoke developed in electronic cigarette. People used to think e-cigarette could be more harmful than traditional cigarette.

All the myths and speculation surrounded with electronic cigarette came to end when the e-cigarette ventured into retail marketing and people came to know about each and every components of e-cigarette. The electronic cigarette consists of atomizer which converts the PG or VG into vapor state and the e-juice cartridge, which needs to be changed time to time.E-cigarette comes in variety of flavors and taste like an ice cream. You can enjoy vanilla, apple, tobacco flavor, litchi, mint, coffee, orange etcetera.

With the growing demand of electronic cigarette in the market, the market is flooded with various types of providers that provide e-juice, e-liquid nicotine and different flavors to cater to the rising demand for e-cigarette flavors. In the competitive market you can find cheap e-liquid in UK as well. Many e-juice and e-liquid nicotine providers provide cheap e-juice without making compromise in the quality. Every man can enjoy e-liquid nicotine in different variations as it comes in different quantity variations. If you are high nicotine consumer you can ask for e-liquid nicotine refill that contain 20 mg of nicotine. If you are a moderate consumer of nicotine than you should take about 10-15 mg e-juice nicotine and for teetotalers 0 -5 mg of nicotine is useful.E-juice nicotine is way better than nicotine pouch as you can’t get rid of nicotine intake but you can get rid of smoking somewhat. It is the finest invention to a mankind to help lower down the usual quantity of cigarette smoking. Many smokers took the pledge to quit smoking by advocating e-cigarette in their life.

To locate or find the best and cheap e-liquid in UK, you can search online as there are many providers for cheap e-liquid. Electronic cigarettes have promoted healthy smoking culture to the people who want to rid of smoking.