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Best rated E cigarette brands in UK

best liquid e cigarette

This article is the result of impartial attempt to introduce you to the some of the best rated E cigarettes in UK. Before diving to the main theme of the topic, it’s time to learn some myths and facts about E cigarette.

Myths and facts about E cigarettes

E cigarette is a battery powered electronic device that vaporises the liquid solution and produces harmless vapour. It is used to the get similar feeling of the regular cigarette. If anyone claims that they are 100% safe, they are ridiculously wrong. To be honest, there is no credible evidence available till today about the capability of E cigarettes in helping the people quit smoking. However, there is much evidence that concludes that the use of E cigarettes will reduce the impact on health. Apart from this fact, E cigarettes also decrease the risk of passive smoking considerably. Hence, your loved ones’ health will not be affected due to your smoking habit. We hope that this passage may have helped your clear you doubt about the E cigarettes. If you find difficulty in quitting smoking, you may try E cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes.

Top rated E cigarettes brand in UK

V2 cigs:

V2 Cigs is the global company in the manufacturing and selling of E cigarette products. It is not just a top company but also in many other countries. The best thing about this company is that this company manufactures high quality E cigarettes that pass the regulation of many countries in the world. Hence, this company hold an undisputable place in this market. Apart from this fact, this company offers personalised products in order to satisfy the need of each and every customer. This company is also known for its innovative new products.

Green smoke:

Green smoke is another reliable E cigarette company. To be frank, this company had topped the market in the past. However, now this company is not considered as the best company in UK, as it lacks innovation. Anyhow, this company still has some of its loyal fans and some of its products are still appreciable. The pro of using this product includes excellent smoke experience due to pretty high nicotine content, considerably long battery life and long life of the product itself. On the downside, this company does not offer customizable e liquid for every customer. This may be worse for someone who is trying hard to give up smoking. In other words, green smoke is not customized to chain smoker, who needs more nicotine at the beginning.

Vapour Fi:

Vapour Fi is the new player in this industry. This company has attained a considerable place in the E cigarette market in very short time. The reason for this can be attributed to its innovative products and highly customized services. In short, this company did not the repeat the mistake done by the one of the pioneer company, Green smoke. Recently, they have also launched “Create your own favour section” in their website to enable users to create their own favour.