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Do E Cigs Cause Cancer?

By December 3, 2016Best For E Cigs
best for e cigs

Did you ever think about an e cigarette, which is an electronic device and an effective substitute for a tobacco cigarette? If you are planning to quit smoking, the best and the easy way is to choose an e-cig. Do e cigs cause cancer? The answer is a big “NO”; e-cigs reduce the chances of cancer. Today most of the smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes from tobacco cigarettes. Comparatively these smokeless devices are safe to use and reduce the chances of cancer.

Many health specialists suggest that e-cigs are considerably safe and an effective smoking cessation method because:

* Many studies and researches show that the usage of this magical device reduces the chance of cancer. Other than the nicotine it does not contain any of the 5000 hazardous chemicals present in the tobacco.
* E cigs eliminate the dangerous carcinogens and the level of malicious matter (nicotine) present in electronic cigarettes is very low when compared to tobacco cigarettes and other nicotine delivery substances like nicotine gum and patches.
* The vaping reduces the smoking urge since the users smoke not only for the nicotine fill but also to fulfill the urge to hold something. The e-cig fixes both these urge.
* Since e-cigs mimic the original tobacco cigarettes and look like the real cigarettes, the users get complete satisfaction.
* There is no ignition or burning of tobacco so there is no chance of passive smoking.
* E-cigarettes are smokeless and odorless.
* Smokers consume only vapor and hence, it does not cause any carbon deposit inside the body cells.
* E-cigs contain only nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol, which is used in inhalers and cough syrups.
* Nicotine alone inhaled does not lead to cancer.
* Passive tobacco smoking also leads to cancer, but e-cigs do not cause any passive smoking.
* Complete quitting of tobacco cigarettes are recommended for best results.

Are E- Cigs Harmful?

Are e cigs harmful? No, the usage of e cigs is not harmful. However, the significance does not lie in the usage of e-cigs, but on how much a smoker keeps away from the habit of tobacco smoking. Tobacco is the most dangerous substance and it causes cancer. No doubt, e-cigarettes are safe and they are very effective. The Lung Studies in ex-smokers show no reported boost in lung cancer in long term smokers of e-cigs. So the best answer for “Do e cigs cause cancer?” is, they reduce the risk of cancer and can be used as the best supplement for tobacco smoking.

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