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By December 2, 2016Best E Liquid 2013
best e liquid 2013

Introduction of e-cigs

Since the introduction of e-cigs in the market in 2004, universal usage has risen. Statistics says that up to 2012, 10% of American high school students had tried them at least once. Until 2013, their usage increased with a vast margin. The majority of e-cigs users use them every day. Adults don’t use e-cigs to quit smoking instead they use them to replace tobacco. Women who are addicted to smoke are usually those who don’t study, who are poorer. E-cig use is rising among women but its usage while pregnancy is unidentified.


An electronic cigarette, popularly called e-cig produces a vapor from the liquid enclosed in it comprising of flavoring and nicotine. By imitating the look and feel of smoking, the device has assisted many cigarette users to find a substitute of tobacco. There has been a vast increment in the usage of e-cigarette since the time they were introduced. Selecting the right e-cigarette can sometimes turn out to be a very tricky deal to crack because preferences of people vary from each other.

Types of e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes can also be categorized into various types. First one is “DISPOSABLE E-CIGS”. Disposable e cigarettes are the one that one can relate to normal cigarettes by their look and presentation. They have an automatic battery built in which gets activated itself while in use. These look alike normal traditional cigarettes and even glow at the ending point. They are compacted and subtle. But their life span is short because of their small size. They inculcate a prefilled cartridge which is disposed of when liquid finishes.

Next in turn is “REFILLABLE E-CIGS”. Refillable e-cigs are preferred by those who look for a more economical option with high density of vapor and long lasting battery life. These devices have that tendency to be refilled again and again by the various flavors of e-liquids. The battery they use comprises of a longer life and even needs less recharging.

Third type of e-cigs is- “VARIABLE/VOLTAGE REBUILDABLE E -CIGS”. This is the most preferred type. They show a great performance and vapor production. This type of device is for those who prefer e-cigarettes on a high scale and acknowledge the working of e-cigs deeply. These e-cigs are usually meant to deliver the best an electronic cigarette can.

Buy e-cigs

There are numerous sites that provide accessibility to e-cigarettes very conveniently. But you need to prove that you are 18+ before purchasing one. The various online sites claim to have the best e-cigs and e-liquids. To purchase your choice of e-cigarette you just have to register yourself on any one of such sites and scroll up for your favorite one. After you find your preference simply order it and pay for it as required. But before registering to any of the sites, first look down upon the features of the company you are trusting on because each and every firm differs in quality from another. So, it’s up to you what you are choosing for yourself.

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