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By March 20, 2017Best Bongs To Buy

Taking dad to the airport with my cousins
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Yesterday, we went with my dad to the airport, for his flight to Europe.
Above’s a photo of some who was with me.
My two sisters: Kata, top-left; and Maja, top-right. Also, my three
cousins: Andel, the little baby carried by our grandmother; Jethro,
the one with the light blue striped shirt opening his mouth that has
no two-front teeth; and EJ, the boy at the bottom, smiling while
holding grandma’s shoulder, trying to reach Andel.
My uncle, "Tito Bong," as we call him, drove us there. And seated at
the back is my mom, and my aunt.
On the way home, we went to Landmark to shop for my sisters’ and my
mom’s shoes and clothes. I was supposed to buy some new boxers, but
was annoyed because of the crowd.
After more than an hour, of watching my cousins playing around the
mall, we ate. Mom gave each of us cash, and we bought our own food.
I bought pacchetto and baby back ribs at some store named "Nielsen’s
Bageri and Piatas." I’ll have to say that that dinner was delicious,
and is well worth the 149 PhP that i spent.