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Gray Haze : Atom Revolver System – Very First Search

By September 21, 2016Atom Vape

available for only £49.99 here – http://greyhaze.co.uk/products/atom-r…

The Revolver Subxero kit by Atom is a variable voltage telescopic device which kind of lets you adjust the distance and inset a variety of battery pack types (900mAh (18350), 1500mAh (18500), 3100mAh (18650). The variable voltage are flexible with an easy mouse click of a switch, The Revolver has the gun themed design plus blazing results ensure it is once of the very unique items available on the market and the fluid usability ensures that you may usually have sufficient power to hold vaping…
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The tough life of employed at a vape shop. Its more happening than you might think!…!

(videos contents just isn’t real. Simply for enjoyable & laugher :D)

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