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You Can Stop Smoking With Quit Smoking Aids

Smoking tobacco cigarettes flat out kills. Every year, millions upon millions of smokers die from smoking-related diseases, including, but not limited to, heart disease, lung cancer, cancer of other vital organs, and stroke. Premature deaths and preventable deaths can be prevented just by quitting this addicting habit, and that are just some of the reasons why any smoker would want to quit smoking cigarettes.

The road to recovery is a long, difficult journey, but it can be done. While quitting cold turkey might seem like the impossible, there have been some people who managed to pull it off, despite being a chain smoker for many years. The symptoms of withdrawal and the craving for nicotine might be so great, though, that the just-turned non-smoker will quickly revert back to his old habits… and with an innate craving to satisfy the thirst of not having smoked for a few days.

Thankfully, there are various ways you can quit smoking with cessation devices. Again, the quit rate is fairly low, but the upside is that it can be done if you have enough determination and motivation to complete your goal. All of these cessation devices work much in the same way. Their sole purpose is to deliver nicotine, the same addictive chemical found in cigarettes, in controlled doses to satisfy your body and mind’s craving for nicotine.

The first cessation product is the nicotine inhaler. The nicotine is stored in a vial that is plugged into the inhaler. The user is supposed to inhale on the contraption for about 15 to 20 minutes, and the effects of nicotine can be felt within 15 minutes of inhalation. Another cessation product is the nicotine patch, which delivers the nicotine gradually in a patch that you stick onto your body.

There are also medications, but it is advised that you stay away from these products. Prescription medication Chantix has already been linked to suicide and/or violent behavior, and the FDA has not disclosed the number of deaths from this medication.

Now, one such product that is not marketed as a cessation device but could very well be made into one is the electronic cigarette. The e-cigarette is currently being marketed as a smoking alternative, but it has already shown great and promising results. The fact that the user can engage in the act of smoking is partly to attribute to its success. Smokers can be addicted to the act of smoking, the actual effects felt when ingesting nicotine, or both, and the e-cigarette targets both of these at the same time.

Of course, any journey like this should not be taken alone. Quit with another smoker – a friend, relative, or even a co-worker. Join a support group and take up a hobby to keep your mind occupied. Engaging in physical activity, such as running, biking, or jogging, or joining a local sports team are all great ways to keep your mind off of the cigarette.

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