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Afrikaans: A Daughter Language of Dutch

By June 21, 2017African Dutch

Afrikaans: A Daughter Language of Dutch

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Today’s episode is all about the Afrikaans language, his history as a daughter language of Dutch, and I look into the question “How similar are Dutch and Afrikaans?”

Special thanks to Joop Wijnandts for his Dutch voice recording, and Ernest Mostert for his Afrikaans voice recording. And thanks to Nils Van Dessel for his last minute recording.

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Source for history of Khoisan displacement: “South Africa: A Country Study” by Article by William H. Worger and Rita M. Byrnes. Library of Congress.

Online version: http://memory.loc.gov/master/frd/frdcstdy/so/southafricacount00byrn/southafricacount00byrn.pdf (see page 55 of 610).

Main music: “Erykah” by Otis McDonald.
Outro music: “Tarantula” by MK2.

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