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Use Feminized cannabis seeds for getting quality cannabis

By June 27, 2017Afghan Seeds
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Cannabis (Marijuana) seeds are used to grow cannabis plant from which cannabis in the form of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can be harvested which is used for treating psychological medical condition. Cannabis can be obtained from both male and female plants, but unpollinated female plants are able to produce cannabis in more quantity and that too of good quality, which is desired for all purposes. Thus, the production of male cannabis plant is not desirable, as it pollinates all female plants, which is then unable to produce sticky THC.

Feminized cannabis seeds

In case of regular cannabis seeds, there is a probability of producing both male and female plants, thus one has to grow more cannabis plant to get more and good quality of cannabis. Thus, to avoid such problems, researchers came up with genetically modified feminized cannabis seed which on planting develops only female plants and thus avoids the risk of developing any male plants. Feminized cannabis seeds are much in demand among people, as this seeds leads to the growth of only female plants and also helps to get high quality cannabis.

Availability of feminized cannabis seeds

There are number of companies worldwide, which are involved in the production and selling of feminized seeds. Most of the sale is done online, where large number of companies sells wide variety of feminized seeds. There are number of species in cannabis like sativa, indica, ruederalis, etc and many subspecies in each category. Thus seed companies has number of different strains of feminized seeds like Royal Mobi, Northern light, Durban Poison, Bubble gum seeds, Afghan feminized seeds, Big black indica seeds, and many more with different characteristics in terms of taste, high yield, growth cycle, quality, quantity, indoor or outdoor, purpose, etc. Thus depending on the purpose and whether wants to grow indoor and outside, one can select strain of feminized seeds and order it online. Selecting vendor is also a tricky job, because many vendors provide poor quality of feminized seeds, which can also lead to production of male seeds or hermaphrodite. Thus, it is very important to select form reputed vendor, which
give 100% assurance of growing only female plants and also of good quality.

Conditions for growing feminized seeds

Having good quality of feminized seeds are not enough to get good amount and quality of marijuana. The growing conditions should also be favorable to get enough growth and production. To grow properly, it requires light, minerals, temperature, humidity and many other factors in proper amount. It should be kept in both light and dark for particular hours. Also for enhancing the growth of female plants, more concentration of nitrogen, less amount of potassium, enough humidity, etc are preferable. Thus it is very important to maintain its growing condition, as it will decide the growth of your cannabis plant.

Thus, no matter how good quality of feminized seeds you are ordering, its production will increase only if they are grown in proper growing conditions.