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vape batteries 18350 vs 18650… just dont get 18350 stuff vapingenuis

By October 19, 201718350 Vs 18650 Battery

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Purple Efest Batteries  - 18650, 18500, & 18350

Purple Efest Batteries – 18650, 18500, & 18350
These came from AKA Vapers & 101 Vapes

Feel free to contact me if you are a vendor and would like to use this video

Efest Purple 10.5amp 18350 – 700mah
Efest Purple 15amp 18500 – 1000mah
Efest Purple 30amp 18650 – 2100mah

As a reviewer and host I believe in giving out the best information I possibly can, I never sugar coat anything and I speak my mind. It doesn’t matter if a device is sent to me free of charge or I buy the device, I treat them all the same, put them through everything in the attempt to find their weak points, and then try to find easy fixes for them. If there is something the company can do to fix the issue, I will of course contact them to resolve the issue because I’m not here to bash anyone, this is all my opinion and thoughts on a device or juice.