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Snuggling a 1,500 lb Basset Hound : Gary Yourofsky

By September 11, 20161500 Pounds To Kg

The SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary in Manchester, Michigan, is home to over 200 rescued cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, goats, sheep, emus, pigeons, ponies, donkeys plus an ostrich known as Hannibal. It is The yard of Eden/Vegan which is why I’ve volunteered here for nineteen years! This particular videos is all about Bhima (obvious bee-muh), the sweetest bovine on the planet! He is the 1,500 pound (680 kg) ox just who looks and functions like a basset hound. You won’t think exactly how cuddly as well as gentle this giant really was! Go to http://SASHAFarm.org for more info. Even more SASHA Farm items is coming shortly!

Gary Yourofsky try the vegan activist who’s provided 2,660 lectures on pet legal rights as well as veganism in order to above 60,000 men and women at 186 education in 30 states and several Israeli cities/schools! Their lecture was translated in to significantly more than 30 languages for over 10 billion YouTube hits!

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French subtitles: Chris Del

Sounds: “Epic tune” by BoxCat Games, “Flat water” simply by Christopher Rave, “Epiphany” simply by Ellennerv.
Under CC license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/legalcode